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As we already know, a ring light is basically a ring of LED bulbs used for providing additional illumination. It is usually mounted on a tripod or on top of a camera (although not common). They come in different sizes but the one commonly used by YouTubers and influencers are the 10-inch ring light and the 18-inch ring light. The 10-inch ring light are usually considered as the “Selfie lights” because it’s designed to illuminate a single face, like when you want to take personal snaps or tiktok videos while the 18-inch ring light was designed to illuminate both just a single face and a medium-sized room, it all depends on how you are using it.

which ring light should I go for?

If you’re looking towards getting a ring light for your personal use, maybe just for making videos or taking pictures for your social media or even your Youtube channels the 10 inch ring light is the surest ring light to go for. The price isn’t over the top and is very affordable and serves you well.

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The 12 inch ring light has little or no difference from the 10 inch ring light. It serves the same purpose as the 10 inch ring light so it’d seem as a waste going for the 12 inch ring light. However if you are looking towards making videos with the ring light of objects that is if the ring light is not placed on the tripod stand, and you desire to hold the ring and make videos you can go for it. The 12 inch Ring light is only slightly brighter than the 10 inch ring light.

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The 14 inch ring light has a more visible difference from the 10 and 12 inch ring light. A larger ring holds more LEDs, which increases the output of the light, this goes to say the bigger or wider the ring light the brighter the light. The 14 inch is has a bigger Led from the 10 and the 12 inch, you can go for the 14 inch ring light if you’re not really boxed up and you want a bigger ring light because the difference between the 10 and 14 inch is quiet noticeable compared to that of the 10 and 12. Not only does most of the 14 inch ring light cones with a screen touch it also comes with a remote.

Ring light for professionals?

The 18 inch ring light is the most commonly used ring light after the 10 inch ring light. Although the price may be on the high side hence, prompting people to go for the 14 inch. It is no doubt of what the clear difference between the 18 inch ring light and the 10 -14 inch ring lights. The 18 inch carries maximum brightness which brightens up the whole room and can capture the faces of 2-5 people when placed in their front. The 18 inch I the most commonly sort after by professionals, this is for either business or content creation for a major product.

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