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The ring lights main purpose is to cast an even light onto the subject. Ring light reduces shadows in the face and minimizes blemishes, while illuminating the eyes. It also helps in illuminating pictures and videos that were taken indoors. This requires little or no usage of data. This is why ring lights are commonly used in portraits, glamour shots, or even videography capturing only one subject.

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Although not Compulsory, Ring Lights are fast becoming a necessity in the sense that it is not only limited to You-tubers and  Influencers, Entrepreneurs now make use of Ring-lights to advertise their products at home. When you use additional lighting it tends to improve the clarity of video and photos, especially when filming indoors. It makes videos appear a little more professional and using your phone camera flash. Even professional photographers would use lights to enhance the quality of their photos.

Can amateurs make use of ring light?

A ring light allows amateurs to produce better videos by ensuring that each shot are very clear and of good quality. You will not need any film production or photography experience to light a scene with a ring light. You will only have to point the light at your subject.

What does the Ring light do?

The Ring light produces soft and direct light on the object placed in front of it, this leads to minimizing of shadows around the objects. For you to be able to achieve this; the camera or phone should be placed at the center of the ring light when making a video or taking pictures; this ensures that your subject is lit evenly from the direction of the camera. It helps in brightening up pictures and videos for content creators and influencers. The smallest ring lights helps in making the object which is placed in front of the ring light brighter and creates a high-quality video. So now we ask.

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Of course, given that it’s a beauty ring light, it can also help you apply makeup better. There’s a two-sided mirror attached, which can be used normally or be magnified for extreme close-ups —you know, to check out and even out the uneven makeup blends.

It smoothens out the shadows on the object and makes them stand out from the background. They help achieve that perfect cinematic look that YouTubers fancy, especially product reviewers and makeup artists. This is why ring lights are also very prevalent in makeup application.

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