The RGB ring light comes in various sizes; it starts from the 10 inch and goes up to the 18-22 inch. It is basically like the normal ring light but it has different color modes, unlike the normal ring light which has only 3 different color mode. The RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue However this doesn’t mean that it comes with only these three colors. The other colors you may come across are the are combination of the three colors. That is a combination of red and blue, green and red e.t.c. This Ring light is set to give a cinematic feel.

RGB Ring Light

Does the RGB Ring Light come with a Stand?

Ring Light with Stand: The led ring light comes with a tripod stand and flexible phone holder. Its tripod stand can be adjusted from 64cm to 164cm. You can adjust the tripod stand to a sitting position if you’re seated of to a standing position. The ring light is designed with 360 degrees of rotation for any angles. Even when seated you can decide to rotate the ring light to any angle you want, make it face down to your sitting position if you choose not to adjust the tripod stand.

How many color modes do the RGB Ring Light?

Besides the 3 basic colors that comes with a ring light the RGB has 6 static colors (red, yellow, green, sky blue, dark blue, purple). This upgraded big ring light adds 33 RGB dynamic modes like gradient and flash colors. It offers professional lighting scenes, like camera cell phone photography, studio shoot, Tiktok, YouTube, streaming, studio, video conference lighting, meeting, makeup, barber.

How can you change the color modes on the RGB ring light?

Some RGB ring light comes with a remote this is for when you want to change the color modes or reduce the brightness of the light and you’re far from it. However, there are some that comes with a nob to turn it on or change the color modes and some comes with screen touch buttons. Also, it is important to note that for the smaller RGB ring light just like the small regular ring lights may have a control remote attached to the cord.

How do you Power an RGB Ring Light?                     

The RGB ring light comes with an adapter/charger which can be plugged directly to the socket or an extension box. There are some RGB ring lights that come with a battery pack which can be used when there is no power supply. However, the smaller RGB ring light comes with a Universal USB cord which can be connected to a laptop, power bank or Ac adapter.

How many phone Holders does the RGB ring light come with?

The RGB ring light depending on the size can come with one – three phone holders. The smaller RGB ring lights comes with just one phone holders while the bigger ring lights comes with three phone holders.

What type of Phone can be put on the Phone holder of an RGB ring light?                                          

It comes with a universal Phone Holder: Compatible with almost all smartphones. The phone holder is very flexible and can rotate to provide horizontal, vertical or any angle viewing under the sun. 

Can you place Tablet on the phone holder?

No, you cannot the phone holder on the RGB ring light is designed to accommodate mobile phones alone. The width of a Tablet is too wide for the phone holder.

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