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Ring light is now one of the most commonly used lighting for You-Tubers and Tiktokers here in Nigeria. It helps in brightening up pictures and videos for content creators and influencers.

What is a Ring Light?                                                                    

A ring light is basically a ring of LED bulbs used for providing additional illumination. It is usually mounted on a tripod or on top of a camera (although not common). They come in different sizes but YouTubers and influencers commonly use 10 and18-inch ring light. The 10-inch ring light are usually considered as the “Selfie lights” because it’s designed to illuminate a single face, like when you want to take personal videos. While the 18-inch ring light was designed to illuminate both just a single face and a medium-sized room.

How does a Ring Light work?

Ring lights work just like the Flash on our Phone and cameras but unlike the flash on our phones and Cameras the ring light is provides continuous lighting. Usually the most powerful ring lights use battery packs and has a charger which is usually plug to a socket for it to come and to produce bright white light. Smaller, portable ring lights can be used with a power-bank, plugged to a laptop or connected directly to the socket using a charger head because it comes in a USB cable form.

Why should I get Ring Light?

Although not Compulsory, Ring Lights are fast becoming a necessity, it is not only limited to You-tubers and  Influencers. Entrepreneurs now make use of Ring-lights to advertise their products at home. Using additional lighting tends to improve the clarity of video and photos, especially when filming indoors. Even professional photographers would use lights to enhance the quality of their photos. A ring light allows amateurs to produce better videos by ensuring that each shot are very clear and of good quality. You do not need any film production or photography experience to light a scene with a ring light.

How Many sizes does Ring Lights come in?

Ring light comes in a variety of sizes. The most common sizes for ring lights are 10 inches and 18 inches, but they are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 20 inches.

How can we Operate Ring Lights?

Some ring lights come with remotes for dimming the LEDs or adjusting the color temperature or color modes as it may seem. This makes the light easier to operate when sitting away from the camera. You should also pay attention to the power options. Most ring lights are USB-powered like the 10-inch and 12-inch ring light. If you plan on using your ring light outside of the house, look for a light with a built-in battery or a power bank. Any ring light should offer additional illumination to help you produce clearer videos.

Where can you place your Phone when using a Ring Light?

Ring light comes with phone holders where phones can be placed when making videos. But asides, that when making videos of an item or even a picture you do not need to place your phone on the phone holder. Simply just hold it and angle your phone at the direct at which the light is facing and take the picture or the video. 10 and 12-inch ring light comes with one phone holder as they are selfie light while 14 – 20-inch ring light may come with three phone holders.

How much does Ring Light cost in Lagos?      

Just like the ring light vary in sizes so does their prices. 8-12 inch ring light varies from ₦7,000 – ₦14,000. 14-18 inch ring light varies from ₦15,000 – 28,000 depending on where you visit to purchase yours. Click here to purchase from Konga and Jumia.

How Bright is a Ring Lights?        

Ring lights have LED bulbs. A larger ring holds more LEDs, which increases the output of the light. A larger diameter also distributes light across a wider space, this goes to say the bigger or wider the ring light the brighter the light. With a small ring light, the LEDs are close together. Causing the ray of light to be concentrated, making the LED less likely to make an object which is far from the camera bright or clear. However, the concentrated light provides greater illumination for a close-up subject.

What are the various sizes suitable for?

10-inch ring light is suitable for close-ups. If you make videos for makeup tutorials, you do not need a light that can brighten an entire room. If you need to fill a room or outdoor space with light, consider getting an 18-inch ring light. The larger size will help illuminate a large area and more of the background. Keep in mind that getting a larger ring light also provides greater flexibility. Many ring lights are adjustable and dimmable, allowing you to lower the intensity of a larger light. You can use a large 14-inch or 18-inch ring light in more situations compared to a smaller light.

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