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10 inch Ring Light

10-Inch Ring Light provides Perfect extra light for video shooting, live streaming, Selfie photos, video recording, dark scenery vlogging on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snap Chat, Face Time, etc. It is usually considered as a selfie ring light because its ring is small and can only accommodate a single face.


Does the 10 inch it come with a Stand?

Ring Light with Stand: The led ring light comes with a tripod stand and flexible phone holder. Its tripod stand can be adjusted from 64cm to 164cm. You can adjust the tripod stand to a sitting position if you’re seated of to a standing position. The ring light is designed with 360 degrees of rotation for any angles. Even when seated you can decide to rotate the ring light to any angle you want, make it face down to your sitting position if you choose not to adjust the tripod stand.

How many color modes do the 10 inch Ring Light?

3 Modes & 10 Brightness Levels: 3 lighting colors includes warm light for party, cool light for work and natural light for daily use. 10 brightness levels allow you to easily switch color temperature between 3200K and 5500K to meet all your needs in different circumstances. Simply put you can increase the brightness of the light 10 times that is clicking on the increase button up to 10 times however while clicking on the button and you become comfortable with the brightness you can leave it at that, you do not need to increase it to the final level.

How do you Power a 10 inch Ring Light?

The 10 inch ring light comes with a USB cord attached to it. The 10 inch ring light is USB Powered with Universal Compatibility: it can be connected to most devices which support a USB port, like a laptop, power bank, AC adapter, etc. You can also connect it to a phone charger head and connect it directly to a socket.

How many phone Holders does the 10 inch ring light come with?

The 10 inch ring light comes with just a single phone holder. Remember the 10 inch ring light is considered a selfie ring light and is designed for just a single face.

What type of Phone can be put on the Phone holder of a 10 inch ring light?                                          

It comes with a universal Phone Holder: Compatible with almost all smartphones. The phone holder is very flexible and can rotate to provide horizontal, vertical or any angle viewing under the sun. 

Can you place Tablet on the phone holder?

No, you cannot the phone holder on the 10 inch ring light is designed to accommodate mobile phones alone. The width of a Tablet is too wide for the phone holder.

How much is a 10 inch Ring Light?

The 10 inch ring light ranges from ₦7,000 – ₦10,000 depending on the vendor you choose to buy from. Price varies between vendors just as there are different companies that produce the 10 inch ring light. Click here to purchase a 10 inch ring light.

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