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Top E-commerce site.


Jumia is regarded as one of the most famous websites in Nigeria. It was created in May 2012 they recently just celebrated their Ten years anniversary. They are considered as the replica of Amazon in Nigeria. They created a platform for different small online business owners to be able to showcase their businesses and get buyers.

Jumia is not only famous in Nigeria they also have branches and is visited by people all around the world. Recently Jumia Ghana was created, If you choose to purchase an item on Jumia click here.


Konga store is known for how fast they are able to deliver items nationwide. This is because they have several warehouses already stored up with goods for sale at strategic locations in major cities like Port Harcourt, Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and a lot of others. Click here to purchase an item.


With Konga you are guaranteed to to get your items delivered at your doorstep, to order or to check out Konga site click here.


This site started off a store for selling second hand items, meaning that anyone could easily become a seller on jiji. Gradually they began to expand and online business owners began to showcase their products. The good thing about Jiji is that it allows you to have a one on one communication with the sellers unlike other sites. Click here to order or just check out the site.


Payporte seems to be run mostly by Youths and Young Entrepreneurs. It’s usually referred to as “the most preferred online retail store in Nigeria”. It’s basically just like the other E-commerce sites that create an avenue for small business owners. Check out their website


e-commerce site

Amary Nigeria popularly known as on all their other platforms do not only provide products for purchase; they also provide educational videos on how to use these products. They also have social media platforms with great customer services for complains if there’s any. click here to check out their website.


Popularly known for selling gadgets, it is a market place where products are showcased for sales. Like the other Nigeria e-commerce websites, users are offered the basic services like payment solutions, logistics and many others.


Ajebo market is centered more on Fashion apparels, it’s an online fashion website for Bags, Shoes, Watches, Cloths and a whole range of other items are concerned. They have plans of expanding and becoming the top online fashion website in Africa.


This online marketplace is considered to be the free online platform of the next generation. It’s system of operation seems different from the other platforms, because it gives both purchasers and sellers a friendly platform to connect and trade.


Kara created a marketplace online for small business owners for them to be able to showcase their products. You can make purchase of your major need and wants at a good price on their site.


Printivo as the name implies deals with Printing; it gives designers a platform to showcase their work for sale and for people to purchase. Basically it’s a site for Priting, you can get business cards and different templates on the site.

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